TMJ, Headaches, and Muscle Pain


TMJ stands for tempormandibular joint.  If a problem exists in the intraoral structures of these joints that may cause clicking, or popping sounds, and even pain.  Occasionally opening of the mouth is restricted.  Once in a while one can actually get stuck with the mouth in an open position.


Fortunately the majority of complaints thought of as TMJ issues are really conditions associated with the muscles of the jaw, head or neck and are not really joint problems at all.  At Profile Dental a variety of diagnostic procedures are used to help determine the cause of your particular problem.  3D X-Ray imaging may be required, neuromuscular diagnostics, or a bite position determined by your particular swallowing  

pattern.  Problems with the muscles may develop because of night time clenching, that may cause tenderness in the joints and the muscles, and result in headaches. 


In some cases, inflammation and pain are caused due to stress in the muscles that are trying to get the teeth to function normally, but the teeth themselves don’t come together properly.  The bite can be unbalanced from side to side and create torqueing stress in the muscles.  Sometimes the upper jaw and teeth are constricted and trap the lower teeth and jaw in a retruded position and this may cause a variety of problems in the joints.


Most of these problems can be diagnosed and can be treated successfully freeing one from headaches and muscle discomfort.

At Profile Dental, digital imaging is also used to determine the cause of head, jaw or neck pain.  Dr. Winter uses Neuromuscular Dentistry, which is about how the masticatory system works, to find faster and long-lasting solutions to TMD.  He also has experience treating TMJ problems that are connected with Sleep Disordered Breathing.


To learn more about TMD, TMJ, and permanent relief from headaches, jaw and neck pain, contact Profile Dental in Elk Grove, CA today!  Schedule a consultation today by calling (916) 691-5330.  You may also book an appointment by filling out our online form. 

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