Oral Surgery


Nothing is better than your natural teeth.  Your Elk Grove dentist believes that there is a solution to every dental problem, and he recommends conservative treatment before invasive procedures.  On occasion however teeth need to be removed for a variety of reasons – too much decay, too little bone left to support the roots, crowding, and fractures.  


We do basic oral surgery that includes the removal of such teeth without referral to a specialist.  We also remove wisdom teeth with insufficient space 

to erupt normally or that have grown in at odd angles.  Most we can remove in office with use of laughing gas and local anesthetic.  We do sometimes refer the more extreme cases to an oral surgeon specialist. 


When Extraction is Necessary

There are many cases when tooth extraction is required.  The most common is a tooth that is beyond repair; not even a root canal and a crown can rebuild it.  Here are other reasons for extraction:


Impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth or a third molar that comes out partially and gets trapped in the gums or bone needs to be removed because it can cause pain and infection and make neighboring teeth more susceptible to decay.  Dr. Winter can also help determine if wisdom teeth need to be removed before they erupt.


Orthodontic Treatment Preparation

When the mouth is too crowded or the jaw is too small for the teeth to be repositioned, tooth extraction may be needed for braces to work properly.

Complete Teeth Replacement

Some teeth may be removed if a patient is restoring all teeth in the upper or lower arch with dentures, overdentures or dental implants.


The Procedure

Tooth extraction is a routine procedure at Profile Dental.  It is performed under local anesthesia and usually completed in one visit.  If you have dental anxiety or want a comfortable experience, your dentist in Elk Grove, CA can prescribe sedatives.


Do you need tooth extraction?

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