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Healthy smiles are beautiful.  With great oral hygiene and regular visits to your Elk Grove dentist, your mouth will stay healthy for life.  While daily brushing and flossing effectively remove plaque, they’re not enough to get rid of stubborn tartar (hardened plaque) and toxins beneath the gums.  To keep your mouth in excellent shape, regular checkups, cleanings and exams are just as important.

We have a wonderful dental hygienist in our office that provides our patients with routine cleanings and oral hygiene instruction, and demonstration of good at home oral hygiene care useful in preventing future dental health problems.  Each patient has periodontal charting done that shows us the level of bone supporting the roots of the teeth as well as the general health of the gums.


If advanced problems with the gums and the bone are diagnosed, then more extensive and deeper cleanings are done utilizing local anesthetic.  Such treatment is aimed at removing mineralized deposits (tarter) on the root surfaces below the level of the gum tissue.  Those rough surfaces and the subsequent organization of bacteria on them are responsible for the loss of bone and teeth.


In even more severe cases, we will make a referral to a specialist that is trained more specifically and extensively in treating periodontal disease.


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