Most Americans have had at least one cavity by their late teens.  Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause, but genetics and poor diet also contribute.  It’s important to determine your risk of developing cavities so you can take extra precautions if needed.  Your dentist in Elk Grove, CA also recommends regular exams and prompt treatment of existing cavities with fillings.

Simple Fillings to Repair Damage Done by Tooth Decay

When bacterial plaque is allowed to organize and remain on the surfaces of the teeth, then cavities develop that may be between the teeth or on the outside surfaces.  The more inaccessible and irregular surfaces are more at risk.


When cavities exist we can repair the damage done – often with simple fillings.  Dental fillings are materials that seal the hole in the tooth.  Fillings are traditionally made of silver amalgam, a paste of silver, tin, copper and mercury.  In our office we like to use tooth colored filling materials that might be either composite resin (plastic) or porcelain when the damage to the teeth is more severe.  These filling materials are much more aesthetic looking than the old silver fillings, and bond the teeth together making them much stronger as well.


Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

There are many reasons tooth-colored composite is preferred by both patients and dentists:


  • Stronger tooth- Composite resin bonds directly to the tooth’s structure, so there is no need to remove large amounts of enamel.  This direct bond strengthens the tooth.

  • Relatively durable- Tooth-colored fillings used for small to medium sized cavities are as durable as amalgam fillings.

  • Superior aesthetics- Composite resin is color-matched to your natural teeth for a seamless look.

  • No mercury or metal- Some people are concerned about the possibility of mercury leaking out of amalgam fillings and harming the body.  Tooth colored composite resin is inert and biocompatible.  It is also recommended for people with metal allergies.


The Procedure

Applying fillings is a routine procedure performed under local anesthesia.  Your Elk Grove dentist will remove decayed portions of the tooth and clean the area.  Next, resin is used to attach the filling to the tooth.  The whole thing takes only a few minutes, but you may need to see Dr. Winter a second time if you have lots of cavities to be filled.


Are tooth-colored fillings right for you?  Find out today! Call (916) 691-5330 or click here to make an appointment with your dentist in Elk Grove, CA.

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