Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic treatment is ideal for those who desire to correct the alignment of their teeth.  By applying gentle pressure to your teeth over a period of time, braces can move your teeth into the 

desired healthy position. At the office of Dr. Winter in Elk Grove, CA we provide orthodontic treatment for bothchildren and adults who are looking to improve their oral health and smile.  For younger children, early phase one intervention treatment is started before all permanent teeth are in to grow and guide the arches.


Most orthodontic cases require one to two years of treatment.  Following the orthodontic treatment, you will have the straighter teeth you have always wanted.  Not only is this beneficial to the beauty of your smile, it can also improve your oral health because straight teeth are easier to keep clean than crooked teeth.  If you are interested in learning more about orthodontics, call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Winter!


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Invisalign, also called “invisible braces,” are part of an orthodontic system that involves a series of almost undetectable braces for straightening teeth.


It’s a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional metal braces.  Instead of metal wires and brackets, several clear, custom-fit, and removable aligners are used.

Invisalign is great because:

  • It’s nearly undetectable, people will hardly notice that you are having your teeth straightened

  • It can correct crossbite, spacing, crowding, underbite, overbite, and other similar cases of misaligned teeth.

  • It’s smooth and more comfortable to wear

  • It’s removable

  • It’s easy to clean

  • It lets you eat the foods you want


Every case is unique but the typical treatment period for adults takes about 12-18 months.  For timely results, it’s recommended that you wear your clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day for the entire duration of the process.


To learn more about Invisalign and to find out if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, call your Elk Grove, CA invisalign dentist Dr. Winter at (916) 691-5330.  You may also get in touch with us at Profile Dental by filling out our online form here.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment


Braces, aligners, and a variety of appliances can be used to completely alter a person’s bite to improve function.  We move teeth to eliminate crowding, to get rid of gaps and unwanted spaces, and we are able to reposition front teeth to create beautiful smiles.  The goal is to help one to be healthier, to make one more comfortable, and to instill confidence in a radiant smile.  Treatment times generally take twelve to twenty-four months.

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